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  • Fertilizer Applications
    We utilize both granular and foliar (liquid) applications. Providing all the essential elements necessary for vigorous turf growth. We also utilize humic and fulvic applications to create a healthy soil conducive to plant health.
  • Irrigation Audit
    When we come out our first time, we will talk to you about your watering habits. We’ll examine your irrigation timer, to see if anything is out of place. If we find anything, we’ll make suggestions about changes to optimize plant health. Too much water is a BAD thing.
  • Pre-Emergent & Post-Emergent Herbicide Applications
    A pre-emergent herbicide is applied through granular or liquid applications. The herbicide will form a thin layer on the soil, preventing weeds from becoming established. Post-emergent herbicides are used to control weeds that are already present.
  • Insect Control
    Insecticide applications are made preventively used historical data to keep insects from destroying your investment. These include: chinch bugs, grubs, army worms, sob web worms, mole crickets, and ants
  • Fungicide Applications
    Due to our moist tropical environment, disease outbreaks are something we a are plagued with in Florida. This is why the importance of the irrigation audit is so crucial. Fungicide applications are made as needed to cure any outbreaks.
  • Tree & Shrub Programs
    We take the same care in providing a healthy environment to all the ornamental plants and shrubs around your Home or business. We start from the ground up, creating a healthy environment in the soil. All while providing all essential elements for plant growth.

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